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Rehab Treatment Centers In California

Rehab Treatment Centers In California

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made substance use disorder treatment more accessible to patients by requiring health insurers to cover addiction treatment just like other medical procedures. This, coupled with government-funded free drug rehab centers, ensures that those with low-income and in need of specialized addiction treatment receive the help they need. While the ACA provided relief to those affected by drug use, it also paved the way for more addiction centers in the country. Some of these treatment facilities are genuinely interested in the welfare of their guests, but many are after insurance payments.

At The Heavenly Center, we strive to be one of the trusted rehab treatment centers in California. We provide premier low-cost addiction treatment in CA because, despite being a private business, our goal is to help our clients recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Rehabs in California Have Different Vibes Depending on the Location. Northern California Rehabs are Laid Back and Liberal, while Eastern California Rehabs are Known for Being Much More Conservative. LA and San Diego Provide a More Balanced Variety. Here’s How Our Rehab is Like, and Why Coming to Our Rehab Would be Best

While there has been robust growth of the addiction treatment industry all over the United States, California qualifies as a hot spot. Treatment centers here are popular countrywide, thanks to the luxurious appeal they portray with the ocean view and sunny weather. Unfortunately, the unprecedented growth of California rehab facilities has made it impossible for the government to oversee the industry adequately, exposing patients to rogue providers.

Each region of California has a different rehab vibe to it. Most rehab centers in Eastern California take a conservative approach to addiction treatment. They adhere to the traditional programs that have been in place for years and avoid introducing more recent treatment methods. While most providers think this approach is the best at curbing drug use, it might not be suitable for many.

An example of a conservative approach to recovery is the 12 step program that requires patients to admit powerlessness to addiction. Individuals are also expected to appeal to God or a higher power. These measures can be too stringent and prevent personal development, eventually leading to relapse.

Northern California, on the other hand, is famous for its laid back and liberal drug rehab programs in CA. Centers here don’t subscribe to age-old treatment modalities but break the pre-set boundaries to provide more flexible options. Some of these facilities may offer non-12 step rehab, for instance. Down south, rehabs in San Diego and Los Angeles tend to have a balanced approach that takes advantage of evidence-based treatment modalities without confining guests to programs that limit their methods of recovery.

The Heavenly Center Experience

At The Heavenly Center, we believe that the right drug rehab treatment in California should enable you to break free from drugs and the issues that led to addiction. We steer clear of conservative approaches that don’t allow us to provide you with a comfortable, all-inclusive rehab environment.

We also have programs you’d be hard-pressed to find in most liberal rehabs in the Eastern region. Here, we offer music recording and production to allow musicians, singers, and poets to utilize art as a healing tool. Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HOT) is useful in repairing cells damaged by drug toxins, while our massage therapy promotes relaxation and boosts mood.

A Treatment Center that Cares

There’s more to an addiction treatment facility than a breath-taking ocean view and luxurious accommodations. While these can provide a relaxing atmosphere to help you focus on your recovery, they won’t be as effective if the rehab lacks a supportive environment and top-of-the-line treatment plans. At The Heavenly Center, we are one of the top rehab treatment centers in California with caring staff and the finest recovery resources, including holistic, evidence-based treatment approaches. Contact The Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW.

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