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Detox Drugs Out Of System

Detox Drugs Out Of System

Royal Life Centers is a premier rehab for addiction, helping recovering addicts detox drugs out of system in a safe and pain-free manner. Our experienced team of clinicians customizes the medical detox procedure after a thorough medical examination of each patient, helping them garner the best outcome in recovery.

How does detox help in recovery?

Patients battling prolonged substance abuse disorders undergo changes in their brain chemistry, making withdrawal symptoms more intense. Typically, recovering addicts start to experience the withdrawal symptoms within 6 to 24 hours of their drug use, which can continue for up to 10 days or more. In long-term drug users, the withdrawal symptoms can be fatal, making detox and medication assistance vital for their safe recovery.

Our detox procedure can help you feel safe and comfortable during the withdrawal phase, and our clinical staff will be available 24/7 to manage your symptoms. Besides, some recovering addicts experience seizures and hallucinations in the early stages of their recovery, which can be terrifying to endure on their own. Receiving detox from a reputed Arizona drug rehab can ensure that you overcome these dangerous withdrawal symptoms safely and can prepare you physically and mentally for a long-term treatment process.

How can I detox at home?

Detoxing at home is not an option if your goal is to overcome addiction safely and sustainably. Only a licensed physician should administer medical detox in a fully equipped treatment setting and after a thorough clinical assessment of your physical and mental health. Trying detox at home may not only prove ineffective but can lead to dangerous health consequences.

As a non-medical person, you may not know what drugs to use and their dosages to help you combat the withdrawal symptoms. More importantly, the counseling and psychotherapies you receive alongside detox at rehab can ensure your safe and speedy recovery without putting your life in danger, which is what you would be doing if you were to try detox at home.

Detoxing at home vs. seeking professional help for detox

One of the popular topics of debate is the benefits of detoxing at a rehabilitation center in Arizona vs. trying it at home. Here are some the differences between the two kinds of detox to help you make an informed decision:

  • Clinical care

The best addiction rehabs in AZ offer 24/7 medical care and support to patients during and after detox. You are all on your own at home, and it can feel scary to endure the withdrawal symptoms without medical help or support.

  • Experienced staff

The best AZ drug rehabs have experienced clinical staff to administer detox and monitor the patients closely for adverse withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing at home deprives you of medical care and support from a competent medical team.

  • Risk of relapse

The cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be intense during recovery, making sobriety more challenging to achieve. Our affordable drug treatment in Arizona engages patients in counseling and psychotherapies following detox to equip them with critical coping mechanisms to manage triggers. Alternatively, detoxing at home puts you at a high risk of relapse as you may feel bombarded with cravings and stressful situations.

Contact 877-732-6837 to begin on a life-transforming journey towards sobriety. At Royal Life Centers, we help our clients detox drugs out of system and shield them from experiencing painful and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. 

Detox Drugs Out Of System

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