Top 10 Reasons Why Sleep Experts Need RestAssuredRX 

Sleep Experts + RestAssuredRX are a Perfect Pair

The data supports why sleep experts are flocking to RestAssuredRX to provide easy, convenient end-to-end sleep diagnostics and at home lab services.

Here are a few facts to show you why patients and healthcare providers are connecting with RestAssuredRX.

  1. 75% of patients are open to virtual visits – Consumers Choice Survey
  2. 75% of patients are interested in telemedicine  – Software Advice
  3. An estimated 158 million video consultations will be done a year by 2020
  4. 95% of patients agreed they received the same quality of care through telemed as onsite visits – Chiron Health
  5. 80% patient satisfaction with telemedicine – Missouri School of Medicine
  6. 90% of employers plan to offer telemededicine as part of their health benefits in 2017
  7. 41% of patients don’t want to travel
  8. Patients in rural areas could potentially have to drive for hours for an appointment with a specialist who doesn’t practice in their area.
  9. Reduced wait times eases stress and improves patient satisfaction
  10. RestAssuredRX Care Coordinators make it easier to order at-home testing and schedule follow-up appointments.

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