For Sleep Experts

Join in the Growing Trend of Telemedicine!

75% of patients are open to connecting with doctors online

Why Sleep Experts Connect to RestAssuredRX

By 2018, Telemedicine will reach 7 million patient users.  – HIS Technology

  • Secure HIPPA Compliant Telemedicine Solution Designed for Sleep Experts
  • Connect to Testing at Home with RestAssured RX Lab Services
  • Increase Referrals and New Patients with Telemedicine
  • Extend Practice Hours and Geography
  • Simple to Use for Video Visits for Diagnosis and Review Consultations
  • User-Friendly Video Service with Schedule, EHR Documentation and ePrescribe Features

Missed appointments are costing the U.S. Healthcare system more than $150 billion a year, an estimated $150,000 average per practice.

  • Easy Schedule and Follow-Up
  • Lower Overhead Costs and Increase Practice Efficiency
  • Increase Revenue

Email us at or call 888.610.4460 today if you are interested in joining our RestAssuredRX network of sleep experts.

How it Works for Sleep Experts

Physician and Certified Practitioners Login Information

  1. Click on the RestAssuredRX Get Started Link or Download App
  2. Simple Online Registration
  3. Immediate Connect with Care Coordinator
  4. Connect through Your Device to Board Certified Sleep Medicine Physician  for Initial Consultation or Schedule Virtual Visit Appointment
  5. Physician Orders At-Home Testing for Complete Polysomnographic Study (PSG) from RestAssuredRX
  6. Equipment Sent to Home or Location for Testing by RestAssuredRX
  7. Immediate Results from Test Provided to Doctor to Schedule Follow-Up within 24 Hours
  8. Return Equipment in Postage Paid Box
  9. Certification of Completion and Test Results and Diagnosis Provided by Physician and Available for Download
  10. Follow-Up Consultation with Provider
  11. Compliance Check-Ups