For Employers

Sleep Disorders and Fatigued Employees are Putting Businesses at Risk

More than 50 million Americans already suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders and another 20 to 30 million suffer intermittent sleep problems each year.

Put your employees and east and promote a healthy work environment by helping them get to sleep!

Why RestAssuredRX is important for employers

  • Increasing Healthcare Costs for Employees and Businesses
  • Fatigued Employees are Less Productive
  • Occupational Safety Primary Concern
  • Compliance and Regulations Driving Intervention
  • High Costs of Transportation Related Accidents Put Companies and Employees at Risk
  • Turnover and Lost Work Time on Rise
  • Time Off and Onsite Visits Discourage Testing and Certifications of Drivers
  • Increase in Substance-Related Work Injuries

Provide a health and wellness benefit to your employees that will make a difference in their lives and for your overall well-being.

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