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About RestAssuredRX

Best Way to Get Connected to National Sleep Diagnostic Experts RestAssuredRX is an end-to-end secure telemedicine and sleep diagonistics solution that brings together patients and sleep experts to address address the chronic health crisis of millions of people that are...

For Patients

Losing Sleep? Millions of people live with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. Connect Online with Sleep Diagnostic Specialists with Any Internet Device No Travel with Convenient at Home Testing Appointments with Certified Sleep Experts Schedule on Your Time Save Money...

For Employers

Sleep Disorders and Fatigued Employees are Putting Businesses at Risk More than 50 million Americans already suffer from over 80 different sleep disorders and another 20 to 30 million suffer intermittent sleep problems each year. Put your employees and east...

For Sleep Experts

Join in the Growing Trend of Telemedicine! 75% of patients are open to connecting with doctors online Why Sleep Experts Connect to RestAssuredRX By 2018, Telemedicine will reach 7 million patient users.  - HIS Technology Secure HIPPA Compliant Telemedicine Solution...